DRIVEN Partnership Program

Process: DRIVEN representatives at each partner institution call for applications twice a year (January and June). To learn who your representative is, email Representatives review applications and nominate 3 to DRIVEN.

Nominees: Receive multifaceted and actionable feedback on their business/development plans.

Awardees: On a bi-annual basis, the DRIVEN Hub selects up to 3 teams/ideas to partner with. Partnership spans a 3-month timeframe and includes GAP assessment, action plan formation, connection with DRIVEN resources, in-kind services, and a presentation to the DRIVEN external committee comprised exclusively of investors (representing over $10B in AUM) and buy-side business development leaders (cumulative market cap exceeding $700B). At the conclusion of the program, participants are invited to apply for the Acceleration Fund (see below).

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DRIVEN Seed Funds

Acceleration Fund: ($50,000/award hard cap): For early stage companies participating in the DRIVEN Partnership Program to accomplish strategic goals, undertake key value-driving experiments, or otherwise increase their risk-adjusted expectation of QALY creation.

Ignition Fund: ($25,000/award hard cap): For innovations or discoveries that need additional experimentation before company formation or out-licensing is warranted. Ignition Fund awardees will not participate in the DRIVEN Partnership Program as the Ignition Fund is specifically for the advancement of pre-company formation discoveries. Solicitation of Ignition Fund applications are sourced by representatives at each partner institution on the same biannual schedule as the DRIVEN Partnership Program.

DRIVEN Modular Learning

The DRIVEN Modular Learning Platform provides a guided overview of critical topics for every early-stage biotech to consider as they set out to develop life-saving therapeutics. Three learning modules include Operations, Functions, and Skills and sub-topics span patient identification, human resources, finances, legal, and beyond. Background on why each topic deserves attention is provided along with a clear definition of the topic, when it should be addressed, learning goals, and links to additional educational resources.

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DRIVEN Resource Database

DRIVEN has developed an online resource database that serves biomedical entrepreneurs by providing curated, easy-to-access educational resources.