Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII)

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Accelerator fund for Biomedical Translational Research. The office of Industry Engagement and Commercial Venturing (IECV) provides and manages translational development capabilities to help solidify proof of technical feasibility and of commercial relevance, both of which can de-risk an idea or discovery and turn it into more concrete product opportunities that are attractive to potential industry partners or startup creators. The Division of Biology and Medicine, in collaboration with IECV, has launched a translational commercial development program, Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact (BBII). BBII manages an academic accelerator fund dedicated to supporting academic biomedical technologies–with potential for high impact–to become well-defined product opportunities that are attractive to industry partners and investors. ​
BBII achieves its goals by: Funding translational research projects – up to 5 proposals per annual cycle ~$100,000 for 12 months (with possibility of renewal). Projects are focused on validation of technical feasibility and commercial relevance.
Advising/coaching – by an independent panel of advisors with broad expertise in evaluation, investment and commercialization of biomedical technologies.
Partnering/managing – BBII will identify and retain consultants and contract research organizations to leverage development expertise and provide project management support to ensure focus and timely delivery on project milestones.
Exploring commercial development opportunities – As opportunities progress, BBII and IECV will work through established relationships with industry, venture capital, and entrepreneurial start-up resources to find the best path for further development.

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