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We are Nevada’s Only State-Wide Business Incubator!
StartUpNV, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, engages new and experienced entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries and business sectors. We offer an opportunity to go from idea through beta testing to a revenue-producing business – with the appropriate capitalization for growth.
Our work spaces in Las Vegas and Reno are inspiring and connect to SBDC facilities throughout Nevada’s eight rural areas. Our mentors are experienced and successful, with well-connected networks; and, most importantly, they are accessible. Our business and capital partners count on StartUpNV to create a strong and growing pipeline entrepreneurial founders and new companies in Nevada. Our communities count on us to cultivate new ideas and generate self-sustaining and diversified local economies, grow businesses and jobs, and attract and retain the best and brightest here in our state of Nevada.
Ultimately, we rely on our member companies’ success to “pay it forward” and remain viable. Member companies pay a small monthly fee and, upon a successful exit, pledge to donate 1% of their equity to our non-profit foundation. With enough successful exits, we hope to eliminate all fees and requests for charitable donations.

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