University of California Center for Accelerated Innovation (UC CAI)

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The mission of the University of California Center for Accelerated Innovation (UC CAI), a collaboration of the five UC medical campuses, is to translate NHLBI- and NIDA-funded discoveries to improve health and health care and address unmet medical needs. The transition is accelerated by applying business and product-development practices from the biomedical industry to advance the most promising technologies toward commercialization. The CAI is based at UCLA.

UC CAI has four goals.

Goal 1: Engage University of California research innovators in entrepreneurism through a comprehensive education, training and mentorship program.

Goal 2: Solicit and select technologies with high commercial potential that align with the NIH Institute’s mission and address unmet medical needs or significant scientific opportunity.

Goal 3: Incubate our most promising technologies in accordance with industry requirements to facilitate their translation to commercial products that improve patient care and enhance health.

Goal 4: Create a high-performing, sustainable infrastructure that will serve as a model to academic research centers.

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