URI Digital Production Resource Center

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DPRC is a robust and comprehensive production center designed to meet the need for creation of digital instructional materials for the classroom. The facility allows educators and researchers to produce professional quality digital materials that can be made available to students through a variety of media and web-based teaching tools. The Digital Production Resource Center (DPRC) has two components. The stationary facility, located on URI’s Kingston campus, contains three high-end computer workstations that serve as the core of the professional digital production suites. The mobile unit goes well beyond the URI campus by allowing faculty, researchers, and their student assistants the ability to collect, review, edit, archive, transmit, and receive data while working in the field. It includes a high-end computer laptop that serves as a state of the art, broadcast quality, digital video editing and production suite. Both the stationary and the mobile units contain digital video cameras, lighting kits, audio recording/mixing, 3D animation, Flash animation, and web site design capability.


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